• Dean's Welcome Liberal Arts & Humanities

Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the recently established School of Liberal Arts and Humanities at Georgian American University!

The leading branches of Humanities at any given stage of a country’s intellectual, creative or social development have the dual function: on the one hand, they help to form a  person with national mentality, and on the other hand, they prepare solid ground for formation of a member of a ''world community”  - a knowledgeable person with good education leadership and communication skills.

The School of Liberal Arts and Humanities present the programs of Georgian Philology, English Philology and History. These  programs give students the possibility to acquire knowledge in the specialty of their choice, as well as  obtain the best of the individual or social competencies necessary for the 21st century.  

The team of high professionals and scientists play important role in implementing the programs of our School. The team does its best to help students fully reveal their intellectual and creative potential. Georgian American University, in turn, with its strong material-technical base and comfortable, friendly atmosphere, greatly promotes quality management of the academic process.

The important aspekt is that, in addition to the variety of humanities and social disciplines, students of the School of Liberal Arts and Humanities can choose subjects from the approved disciplines of other schools of Georgian American University – the Schools of Business, Law  and Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and Engineering.

The above courses give students ability to develop strong critical, logical, abstract and creative thinking, as well as information technology usage skills. This will enable them to continue studies in  Master’s program not only in the Humanitarian field, but in any other branches of social or natural sciences and business administration (Management, Marketing, PR-Technology).

Based on the quality management of the learning process and an objective assessment criteria, Georgian Philology, English Philology and History programs will contribute to preparing, leading specialists for in various areas of employment. This is achieved through deep knowledge, broad education, and specialized practical skills. They will be able to undertake variety of work, at a high professional level with successful results.

The School of Liberal Arts and Humanities requires from students self-discipline, hard work and permanent aspiration for  a professionalism.

All the above will give the graduates  of the GAU School of Liberal Arts and Humanities the proper basis for successful careers  in the competitive Georgian and international labor markets.

Good Luck!

Rusudan Tsitsishvili

Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Humanities